Acoma Windows

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Steve’s Comments: This vase is another favorite of mine, quite bulbous and tall, a statement piece. I altered the top creating an oval opening and added “window” cutouts. The vase reminds me of visits to the Native American “Sky City” at the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico which has been continually inhabited for over 2,000 years. Early traditional Acoma dwellings and ritual kiva chambers were entered from a cutout in the roof, ladders were used to access the kivas and were pulled up when invaders arrived. When I look at the my vase, the shapes and the oval opening, somehow it reminds me of Acoma and I feel a connection that pays homage to Native American spirituality. Acoma is also famous for Acoma Pottery and was well documented by the photography from the early 1900’s by Edward Curtis.

“Sky City” Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

Description: Tall bulbous wheel thrown vase with an altered oval shape at the top, although round at the multi-banded foot of the vase. Near the top are rows of different cutout “windows” that are on each side of the oval rim. The cutout shapes are squares, circles and triangles. The glaze is accomplished by two applications that create the semi-matte green color. The second glaze applied causes the flowing/drip effect and may have subtle black striated undertones.

Year: 2018

Foot: Multi-banded foot ring

Glaze: Green semi-matte flowing/drip

Height: 10″

Rim opening: oval, 5″ x 2″

Approx. Weight: 4 lbs.

Out for an exhibition until the end of July 2021, not currently available for sale.

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