Autumn Triptych

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Steve’s Comments: I like experimenting in triptych forms for vessels which is inspired by the Japanese device sometimes used in wood block prints. My creation of the triptych three panels on one vase, in this case each framing different aspects of autumn leaves falling, gives the potter an additional creative tool. This is the only piece I currently have that I used a dark “chocolate” clay, which has given the glazing muted colors. The top of the vase has cutout “windows” adding interest along with the flowing drip glaze with an autumnal copper rust effect.

Description: Wheel thrown vase using “chocolate” clay, a very dark colored clay especially noticeable on the bottom of the vase. Chocolate clay tends to make my normal glazes more subdued. This vase is in triptych form, three carved out panels on the side of the vase. Each panel framing a different views of autumn leaves falling. Thee are also six square cutout “windows” at the top, above the panels. The weight of this vase is substantial, but will hold fall flowers well.

Glaze: Matte/Semi-matte subdued slate/gray with hints of blue and green. Top of vase has an additional applied flow/drip glaze that has tans, copper and rust tones.

Foot: Simple foot ring

Height: 8 1/2″

Rim opening: 3″

Approx. Weight: 5 1/2 lbs.

Year: 2019


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