Dogwood Daze

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Comments: This vase is unmistakably inspired by the Roseville Dogwood line of pottery, circa 1918. I enjoy playing with different techniques, especially faux-bois (false-wood). After throwing on the wheel I attached clay pieces forming them into branches and dogwood blossoms. The branches were treated with my faux-bois technique etching in wood-like patterns. The glazing was with stains for the faux-bois, white glaze on the flowers and my signature blend of two glazes for the green. The first glaze applied is black and the second glaze turns the glaze green and causes the glaze to run. At points the glaze was over-zealous seeping into some of the dogwood blossoms, giving the name as if the blossoms were “dazed” perhaps like rain dripping on the blossoms.

Description: Wheel thrown cylindrical vase with attached branches and flowers. Faux-bois treated branches. Runny green semi-matte glaze.

Glaze: Runny semi-matte green glaze, white glazed flowers with slight red underglaze. Faux Bois treatment on applied branches.

Height: 8 3/4″

Rim opening: 2 1/2″

Foot: Simple foot ring

Approx. Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.

Year: 2016

Gyldcraft Art Pottery: Dogwood Daze Vase

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