Molten Fern

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Comments: I love making fern vases although they are a challenge in the construction rolling the clay into emerging fern fronds, attaching to the vase, and letting the clay dry very slowly. This vase is an undulating shape and sits quite tall at around eleven inches. Seven fern frond “handles” rise up from the middle of the vase and are re-attached just below the top of the vase. “Molten earth” flows down from the rim of the vase to just above where the fern fronds emerge.

Description: Wheel thrown tall vase with a rich green flowing drip glaze with undertones of black in the glaze flow. Seven fern frond “handles” attached near the top of the vase with added thick flowing clay slip making a “molten earth” appearance at the top of the vase. There are some glaze bubbles or pops during glaze firing.

Glaze: Green flowing drip glaze created using two different glazes applied separately. The first glaze is a black glaze, and the second glaze turns the glaze a rich earthy green and causes the glaze to flow. The black glaze shows up in striated undertones in the finished piece.

Height: 11″

Rim opening: 3 1/2″

Foot: Simple foot ring

Approx. Weight: 4 lbs.

Year: 2018

Gyldcraft Art Pottery: Molten Fern Vase

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