Ombré Fern

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Comments: This is an older piece from 2013 which I rarely have up for sale. This “early phase” vase is a rare and unusual piece indeed, perhaps you might say it has a bit of a “brutalist” vibe. It is not dated but has my inscribed initials on the bottom. It has a rough and rugged natural appeal depicting eight fern fronds rising at different levels out of the rough textured earth. I like the unexpected amazing look of nature as ferns burst out from the ground and the way an artist depicts that, as I have with clay. The ombré drip glazing echoes natural tones of fern green at the top fading to an earthy cognac below.

Description: Wheel thrown vase with 8 rugged fern fronds starting near the middle of the vase rise up and break free of the vase and are then re-attached. Four of the fern fronds re-attached above the rim of the vase and the other four alternately re-attached just below the rim of the vase. Clay slip added to the top part of the vase giving a rough earthy texture to the upper half of the vase.

Glaze: Green semi-matte drip at the top flowing into brown at the bottom of the vase

Height: 9″

Rim opening: 2″

Foot: Simple

Approx. Weight: 3 1/3 lbs.

Year: 2013

Gyldcraft Art Pottery: Ombre Fern Vase

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