Origami Rose

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Steve’s Comments: This vase has a narrow opening and a stylized downward angled stems ending in conventionalized rose designs that look a bit like Maltese crosses. When looking down into the vase from the top the angled stems give a different perspective, also of a flower-like swirl design that reminds me of origami. The glaze flow was quite robust at some points and flows into the flowers.

Description: Wheel thrown vase with narrow top opening. Six downward angled attached flower stems end with an angled up conventionalized form that looks a bit like a Maltese cross.

Glaze: Flowing green drip with white flowers. Glaze is very flowing drip that in some areas flows into the white flowers.

Height: 8 1/2″

Rim opening: 1 1/2″

Foot: Simple foot ring

Approx. Weight: 3 lbs.

Year: 2016


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