Shifting Cogs

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Steve’s Comments: I enjoy adding architectural elements to vases. This one is a little bit steampunk, a little bid mid century modern for those who have an affinity for that look. For me it was just one of those vases that I sat contemplating its bulbous shape waiting for design inspiration and for the unadorned vessel to speak to me about it’s style. (I don’t always talk to my clay work…but some times they talk to me.) The way this vase turned out oddly reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style. Hope you like it, In size and style it makes a statement.

Description: Tall bulbous wheel thrown vase with a gear or turnstile like design at top of vase consisting of twelve added “cogs” of different lengths with twelve cutout windows in between each cog.

Glaze: Two glazes applied upon firing a matte/semi-matte green flow/drip. Black undertones in the glaze flow

Height: 10″

Rim opening: 3 1/4″

Foot: Simple foot ring

Approx. Weight: 4 3/4 lbs.

Year: 2018


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