Thalassic Vase

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Steve’s Comments: The naming of this pot is taken from the ancient Greek word thalassic meaning “relating to inland seas.” In Greek mythology, Thalassa was the primeval spirit of the sea. The design of vertical lines incised from the side of the pot is inspired from the Newcomb College “Espanol” line of pottery circa 1920 which was commonly in a deeper blue glaze often with the glaze drip pooling in a paler blue/white variation. My vase is uniquely diverse although you can see the inspiration in the perpendicular incising and glaze drips. The coloring of this vase reminds me of exotic island seas, a lot of variations in the blue spectrum. It is hard to get a good picture of this glaze, but it is different from the glaze colors of my other work.

Description: Wheel thrown bulbous vase with small incised marks around rim complemented in the middle of the pot with five groups of seven varying length incised vertical lines, separated by smaller incises around center of the pot. Glazing is an aqua and light blue drip glaze, flow and puddling at the base of the vertical incised lines. Bottom of the vase has lilac and light blue glazing. Foot has multiple banding.

Glaze: Flowing drip satin/matte aqua, blues, and lilac colors

Height: 9.25″

Rim opening: 3 1/2″

Foot: Multi-banded

Approx. Weight: 4 3/4 lbs.

Year: 2019

Gyldcraft Art Pottery: Egyptian Patina I

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