Yurt ‘n Mine

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Steve’s Comments: My rendition of a yurt, a nomadic tent home from Central Asia. This piece is quite tall, and lidded, an urn if you will. A quirky bulbous and distinctive shape and unique decorative element for an Arts & Crafts or eclectic home. The lid sits on top, but could be sealed. Extraordinary and a beautiful glaze!

Description: Wheel thrown one of a kind large bulbous urn shaped stoneware with green flowing drip glaze. Separate lid with pointed top. Adorned with dots of clay slip near the top of the vase, and on the lid.

Glaze: Semi-matte green flow/drip glaze accomplished by two applications of different glazes. The first application is a matte black glaze, unremarkable by itself but when the second glaze is applied over it transforms in the final glaze firing into a gorgeous flowing green, speckles of tan and a bit of sparkle. Black undertones in the glaze flow.

Height: 10 1/2″ without lid, 13 1/2″ with lid

Rim opening: 3″

Foot: Simple foot ring

Approx. Weight: 5 lbs.

Year: 2018

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